It Takes Partnerships

Proposition 1 is about long-overdue projects to improve safety and mobility on roadways that we must get started on our own.  But these are only some of the transportation improvements that are needed.  Our biggest congestion problems require cooperation and funding from King County, the State Dept. of Transportation, and the Federal Highway Authority.

City leaders are right now working with all of them on fixes for the Issaquah-Hobart Road, and to I-90 exits at SR-900 and Front St.  We’re even pursuing a new overcrossing of I-90 that would allow Issaquah residents to move back and forth across the highway without mixing with I-90 traffic.  And should Sound Transit 3 be approved by the voters, that same overcrossing would likely become our own station for light rail (let us hope).  These are really expensive projects that will take longer to get going.  But we don’t have to wait for anyone when it comes to the projects addressed by Prop #1.

More details than you probably want to know, but important…

I-90 Corridor Study: See recommendations 8 and 9 in the link.

Eight is about making improvements to the I-90/Front St. interchange.  The goal is more efficient on/off traffic and less backup for pass-through (the interchange) local traffic.

Recommendation 9 is the study of building a new overpass somewhere in the vicinity of 11th or 12th Avenues.  This would give residents traveling within the city an alternative for moving around without mixing with I-90 traffic.  Highway access would be limited to busses and car pools.

The city is working with our state representatives and the state’s Department of Transportation as well as the Federal Highway Administration to get these improvements accomplished.

Shoulder hardening on I-90 may also be considered.