• Three roundabouts
  • Bike lanes and landscaping
  • Two right turn lanes
  • Addresses storm water runoff
  • Cost $26.2 million

The major changes in this road project will include three roundabouts installed in a half-mile stretch along Newport Way Northwest between Maple Street Northwest and West Sunset Way. The project would also add circular intersections at Northwest Juniper, Northwest Holly and Northwest Dogwood streets. Landscaping and bike lanes will be added to both sides of the street, with a shared-used path on the east side of the road and a sidewalk on the west side.

Also slated to change in this package are two new right-turn lanes at the intersection of Newport and Maple. With only two right-hand turn lanes now existing at that intersection, the project would add two more lanes so each road in both directions would have right-hand turn lanes. Other improvements at the intersection of Newport and Sunset are not yet finalized. An additional southbound lane from Maple to Holly might be extended, depending on several factors.

The project will also address stormwater runoff. Currently, no catch basins exist along Newport between Maple and Sunset, and water ponding is often an issue for bikers and walkers along the road.

If developer Inneswood Estates LLC follows through on a plan to pay for the roundabout at Juniper (in lieu of paying the city traffic mitigation fees), the project could cost less.

The bond would be payable by excess annual property tax levies if approved by the voters on November 8th. The city estimates an annual property tax rate of 33 cents per $1,000 of assessed value over the 25-year life of the bonds.

At that rate, the additional taxes on a home assessed at $500,000 would be $165; at $600,000, the add-on would be $198; and the owner of a $700,000 home would pay $231. Assessed values are recalculated each year by King County. Passage of an excess tax levy requires a voter participation level of 40 percent of voters who participated in the last general election and 60 percent approval of the measure.