• Add a signal at Southeast 43rd Way and Providence Point Drive
  • Add a pedestrian crossing at 43rd
  • Align 43rd Street so it creates one streamlined street across Providence Point
  • Cost: $5.8 million

Providence Point, a residential planned neighborhood of some 1,400 residents, was annexed to the City of Issaquah in 2003, with a promise to improve road conditions for both motorists and pedestrians, especially at the entrance to the community. Crossing the street often takes a long time as Providence Point is the main arterial on and off the Sammamish plateau. Pedestrians and drivers coming from the residential community at Providence Point face growing risk just trying to get out of their neighborhood.

Currently, vehicles enter and exit Providence Point on separate streets. Offset to the west from Providence Point Drive and 43rd, a single road leads in and out of the south campus. The proposed plan would create one intersection, with a traffic signal and crosswalks, so all cars to either campus, would enter and exit from the same spot on 43rd.

The project has been on the books for some time and is ready to go, but since the project was designed several years ago, an update to the plans is needed to make sure it adheres to new city code regulations.

As there is a blind curve close to this proposed intersection, the city plans to post pre-notification signs to warn drivers of the traffic signal.